MUI provides a variety of finishing on plastics such as satin, bright chrome, black chrome, etc. Over 16 years experience in plastic electroplating field with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and IATF 16494 certificates.

Services offered by our laboratory department are:
1 . Acetic Acid - Salt Sproy Test - Corrosion resistance testing.
2. Corrodkotefest -Temperature / Humidity testing.
3. S.|.E.PTest - Simultaneous Thickness & Electro Potential testing, testing the thick ness of the various different layers of nickel.
4. Heat ShockThermal Cycle - Cyclical temperature testing -35 to 180 degrees celsius.
5. Thickness Meosurement - Micro Sectioning Testing to analyze the thickness of the various plating layers.
6. Adhesion Testing - Adhesion strength of the plating to the plastic substrate.
7 . Drop fest - Chipping and fracture test